Mission Statement

To provide individuals and fundraise organizers alike, a new and unique way to support and give to their causes. We offer the opportunity for people to fundraise by simply doing the things they love to do every day.
We believe in the kindness, compassion and giving nature of humanity and believe this caring spirit can flow freely when financial obstacles and concerns are removed.

What We Do
PayBud Cares is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that has partnered with a variety revolutionary & unique reward networks.

2022 Update
Because of the economic hardship so many animal rescue organizations suffered during the pandemic, we have negotiated a special rate with our advertising partners to be able to help donate money to local animal rescue programs.

How This Works
Through our Ad Network Partners such as Google and others, we earn revenue each time you play a game, take a quiz, look at an ad and spend any amount of time on our pages.  The more time you spend on our game network pages, the more donations we are able to make to our local animal rescue causes.

And the best part, it's completely FREE to PLAY
No app download.   No account registration. 
Just having fun and helping some furry friends find their forever homes. 😊


BONUS - Win some Cash
In addition to just having fun and helping some awesome animals, you could win a CASH prize every day.
We randomly select one lucky player each DAY to win up to $100.*
To enter each day, all you need to do is send us a screenshot of your recent game play to paws-n-play@paybudcares.org.
The more games you play each day, the better chance you have of winning!
So share this with all your friends, family and social media peeps.  Challenge them to have fun; test their quiz skills against yours; help a great cause and you possibly win some money every day.

Easy. Free. Powerfully Rewarding to Many.

*We must have received a minimum of 50 total daily entries for a Cash prize to be issued.  The more entries received, the larger the possible cash prize will be too!  So, share this with all your social media friends, family and followers.